soundart projects
by osvaldo cibils

Retrospective soundart, field recordings:

soundart10giorniLive (2014)

soundartAnswersParaSites (2014)

soundarturuguay2013 (2012/2013)

sounds in a roll of paper (2007/2012)

soundart13march2014berlin (2014)

spostamenti (2014)

soundartFRBseptember2012 (2012)

Barcelona Frottage (2013)

soundartMmay2013PergineValsugana (2013)

soundartSpazioKlien (2013)

grabador 1 y grabador 2 díptico (2013)

ec77ce (2012)

h88h (2011)

m22m (2011)

soundartcassettera (2013/2014)

workman in cellar (2006/2010)

soundart1Mpackage (2012)

Post-performance, paper restoration. (2013/2014)

soundart5goplana (2011)

soundartTrento (2011/2014)

recm (2011)

triptych soundart soundart2012 soundart2013 soundart2014

soundart40M - Mixcloud Playlist/Mixes 2012/2015

Goplana 5 Digital Albums - Bandcamp. 2009/2011


Rec: Sony TCM-16 Pressman Portable Cassette Recorder, Samsung YP-U3 MP3 Player, Canon IXUS 115HS, cell Nokia C2-01.

Sound/Audio softwares: Linux MultiMedia Studio. Sonic Foundry ACID version 1.0a (Build 63) 1997/1998. Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 5 2001. Virtual DJ Home 7 FREE.
RolloSONIC software

osvaldo cibils artist statement

During the realization of my artwork I limit myself to a few movements, repeated, with little variations: the hands neutralizing the materials, the eye straight in the action, the breathing contained and brief, the head rigid and the thoughts compressed based on my artistic logic.

osvaldo cibils. 1961. Artist born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He lives in Trento, Italia. His artworks are oriented to drawing, soundart, shortlow videos and the development of experimental ideas mainly.